high power tools for HTML


Htmx is a set of extensions (attributes, request headers, etc.) that help you build modern UI with the simplicity and power of HTML.

Htmx is small (~6k min.gz'd), IE11 compatible, dependency-free & you can try it out quickly, without a huge rewrite.

Quick Start

  <!-- Load from unpkg -->
  <script src="https://unpkg.com/htmx.org@0.0.3"></script>
  <!-- have a button POST a click via AJAX -->
  <button hx-post="/clicked" hx-swap="outerHTML">
    Click Me

The hx-post and hx-swap attributes tell htmx:

"When a user clicks on this button, issue an AJAX request to /clicked, and replace the entire button with the response"

Htmx is based on intercooler.js and is the successor to that project.