The hx-disabled-elt attribute allows you to specify elements that will have the disabled attribute added to them for the duration of the request.

The value of this attribute is a CSS query selector of the element or elements to apply the class to, or the keyword closest, followed by a CSS selector, which will find the closest ancestor element or itself, that matches the given CSS selector (e.g. closest tr), or the keyword this

Here is an example with a button that will disable itself during a request:

<button hx-post="/example" hx-disabled-elt="this">
    Post It!

When a request is in flight, this will cause the button to be marked with the disabled attribute, which will prevent further clicks from occurring.

The hx-disabled-elt attribute also supports specifying multiple CSS selectors separated by commas to disable multiple elements during the request. Here is an example that disables a button and a text input field during the request:

<form hx-post="/example" hx-disabled-elt="input[type='text'], button">
    <input type="text" placeholder="Type here...">
    <button type="submit">Send</button>