The client-side-templates Extension

This extension supports transforming a JSON request response into HTML via a client-side template before it is swapped into the DOM. Currently three client-side templating engines are supported:

When you add this extension on an element, any element below it in the DOM can use one of three attributes named <template-engine>-template (e.g. mustache-template) with a template ID, and the extension will resolve and render the template the standard way for that template engine:

The AJAX response body will be parsed as JSON and passed into the template rendering.


<div hx-ext="client-side-templates">
  <button hx-get="/some_json" 
     Handle with mustache
  <button hx-get="/some_json" 
     Handle with handlebars
  <button hx-get="/some_json" 
     Handle with nunjucks