HX-Location Response Header

This response header can be used to trigger a client side redirection without reloading the whole page. Instead of changing the page’s location it will act like following a hx-boost link, creating a new history entry, issuing an ajax request to the value of the header and pushing the path into history.

A sample response would be:

HX-Location: /test

Which would push the client to test as if the user had clicked on <a href="/test" hx-boost="true">

If you want to redirect to a specific target on the page rather than the default of document.body, you can pass more details along with the event, by using JSON for the value of the header:

HX-Location: {"path":"/test2", "target":"#testdiv"}

Path is required and is url to load the response from. The rest of the data mirrors the ajax api context, which is: