kutty 0.0.1 has been released!

Kutty 0.0.1 Release

I’m pleased to announce the 0.0.1 release of kutty, the successor to intercooler.js!

Like intercooler, kutty brings features of modern browsers that normally require javascript (AJAX, CSS transitions, etc.) directly into HTML.

Why the rename?

I chose to rename the project for a few reasons:

So what’s new & different about kutty vs. intercooler?

Beyond that, basic kutty and intercooler code will look a lot a like:

  <div kt-post="/clicked">Click Me!</div>

This will issue an AJAX post to /clicked, in a manner familiar to anyone who has used intercooler.

What will happen to intercooler?

I’m planning on maintaining both projects. Intercooler is a slow moving project anyway, and the code is stable and works fine for people who want to go the jQuery route. I have a large application written with it and I’m not planning on moving that to kutty any time soon.

How hard will a port to kutty from intercooler be?

Depends a lot on how into the weeds you got with intercooler. The core attributes are pretty close to one another but if you were using ic-action or event handlers extensively it will be a project.

OK, so what should I do?

The usual: