htmx 0.0.4 has been released!

htmx 0.0.4 Release

I’m pleased to announce the 0.0.4 release of htmx, this time with no project renaming.


This one had a lot of code clean up along with two major features:


First off, htmx now has a proper extensions mechanism, allowing us to create extensions that plug in to the htmx life cycle and provide functionality that isn’t in the core library. Some extensions that have shipped with this release and that you might find useful include:

See the full list of included extensions here.

This extension mechanism will allow us to introduce useful HTML-oriented features while keeping the core htmx code focused on loading content.

Web Socket & Reworked Server Sent Events Support

htmx now has experimental support for Web Sockets with the hx-ws attribute:

  <div hx-ws="connect wss:/chatroom">
    <div id="chat_room">
    <form hx-ws="send">
        <input name="chat_message">

Additionally, the Server Sent Event support attribute was renamed to hx-sse and the syntax was standardized with the new web socket support syntax:

  <div hx-sse="connect /event_stream">
    <div hx-get="/chatroom" hx-trigger="sse:chatter">

There were also many, many bug fixes, many of them contributed by other developers. So a big thank you to everyone who helped!