The response-targets Extension

This extension allows to specify different target elements to be swapped when different HTTP response codes are received.

It uses attribute names in a form of hx-target-[CODE] where [CODE] is a numeric HTTP response code with the optional wildcard character at its end.

The value of each attribute can be:


<script src=""></script>

🔗Configure (optional)


Here is an example that targets a div for normal (200) response but another div for 404 (not found) response, and yet another for all 5xx response codes:

<div hx-ext="response-targets">
    <div id="response-div"></div>
    <button hx-post="/register"
    <div id="serious-errors"></div>
    <div id="not-found"></div>

🔗Wildcard resolution

When status response code does not match existing hx-target-[CODE] attribute name then its numeric part expressed as a string is trimmed with last character being replaced with the asterisk (*). This lookup process continues until the attribute is found or there are no more digits.

For example, if a browser receives 404 error code, the following attribute names will be looked up (in the given order):


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